Marga Top (Inabel)


T'boli Hand Beaded Reversible Round Neck Sleeveless Cropped Top with Button Back Closure


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Size Chart:

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Shoulder 13" 14" 15"
Bust 32" 34" 36"
Full Length (Including Ruffles) 17" 17.5" 18"
Ruffle Lenght 1" 1" 1"
Colors available in this size:
Blue_Green WD
Coral_Beige WD
Yellow_Green WH
Green_Dark Gray
Red_Red WD
Red_Green Pineapple WD
Blue/Black_Salmon BD
Royal Blue_Salmon BD
Blue_Salmon BD
Yellow_Violet WD
Red_Green WD
Maroon_Green WD
Yellow_Voilet V2
Red_Green Pineapple V2
White_White BD
White_White V2
Black_White BD
Black_White V2

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Kaayo Modern Mindanao PH


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