KAAYO x CASA JUAN Collaboration Plates

KAAYO x CASA JUAN Collaboration Plates


With each thread coming to life from dreams, the T’boli Community are storytellers of the divine. These unique narratives are hand woven to become beautiful panels of fabric called T’nalak.

Inspired by this spirit of storytelling through design - a value which Kaayo and Casa Juan also share - this collection hopes to bring the story of Mindanao to your homes.

We hope that these plates become vessels of heritage. May they be witness and inspiration to stories rich and diverse, much like Mindanao, that you share as you come together at the table and break bread.

Note: As each style is produced in limited quantities, there might be adjustments on stock availability upon checkout. Please double check the variants selected before adding them to your cart. 

Packaging: Encased in a maroon box.

Inclusions per Set:

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 4 Salad Plates
4 Dinner Plates

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Kaayo Modern Mindanao PH


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